How to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle on a Budget

There are many things that we might think about doing which could help us to be healthier. Things such as reducing our stress, sleeping more, exercising more or eating better. It is easy to think that these will cost so much money that we will need to take out a loan to do it all. However, there are many ways that we can achieve all of these things without having to spend more money and in fact we may even be able to save money.


We might be forgiven for thinking that the only way that we will be able to reduce stress is to give up our job and do a lower paid one. Of course, not all stress is due to the work that we do but many people do find their jobs extremely stressful. This means that we might think that we have to stop the work to stop the stress. It is worth thinking about how we deal with the stress though. Sometimes we have habits that actually make it harder for us to cope and if we make some changes then we may be able to reduce that stress and keep the job. Firstly, do not try to cope with the stress by drinking alcohol, using caffeine eating chocolate or smoking. These are all stimulants and are likely to make us feel more edgy rather than calmer. It is better to use a relaxation technique such as meditation, yoga, reading a good book, having a long bath or going for a walk. These do not have to cost any money but if you make time to do them, you will find that your life is very much calmer.


These days many people do not get enough sleep. They feel that they are too busy and cannot spare the time and this has a detrimental effect on their health. It is worth making sure that you are getting a minimum of seven hours sleep and you should not be prioritising your hobbies over sleeping. It can be so easy to stay up late either because we are out somewhere, watching television or on social media. It can also be hard to sleep these days because we are too overstimulated by the blue light from our devises or because we are not properly relaxing before bed. Try getting into a good routine with sleep getting up and going to bed at the same time each day. Try going up to bed nice and early and take a book to read or have a bath before settling into bed. Make sure you have exercised in the day so you are tired but not too close to bed time as this will be too stimulating.


Many people associate exercise with a gym membership, exercise classes or a personal trainer but you can easily exercise for free. A walk is exercise and if you can fit one in every day then you will off to a great start. You do not need any special equipment just a good pair of shoes. If you can walk fast enough to get out of breath then you will be doing even better. You may also like to do some other forms of exercise and many of these are also free that you can do at home or outside. Things like running, yoga, resistance training are all free to do. You can even find free videos online that will help you to get started.


What we eat can have a big impact on our health and it can be tempting to think that we will need to buy a lot of expensive health foods to achieve that but we do not. There are lots of nutrients in cheap foods such as basic fruits and vegetables, so by increasing the amount of these you eat you will be helping your health. Of course, that will cost more money but if you stop buying something of the unhealthy items you consume then you can use the money form that. Cutting out sweets and chocolate, biscuits and cake, take away food and drink, fizzy drinks and any other junk food will free up money that you can spend on healthier foods instead. Of course, it is not easy to do this, but it is possible so if you are motivated you can achieve it. Cooking from scratch, taking home made food for lunch at work, taking your own coffee to work, carrying a bottle of water, cutting out between meal snacks and eating out less will all cost less money as well and will help you to have a healthier diet. It can be easier to do things in steps, so you could start with replacing a daily chocolate bar midmorning with a serving of carrots with your evening meal just once a week. Then replace your packet of crisps from the afternoon with some peas with your evening meal. Swap a latte or cappuccino for an americano or espresso which is slightly cheaper and far lower in calories. Replace a pudding with some fruit and make a healthy sandwich for your lunch instead of buying an unhealthy one. There are lots of small things that you can try which will save money and help you to be healthier.

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